International Artist-Students Embark on Creative Journey to Develop Entrepreneurial Skills and Embrace Technology in Art

Published on: Wed, 15 March 2023

48 artist-students from various universities in Tunisia, Uzbekistan, and Palestine embarked on a creative journey in February 2023. The project began with two weeks of intensive creative activities in Belgium, that will be followed by online group work. The students developed essential entrepreneurial skills such as ideation, concept design, value proposition, pitching, networking, finances, intellectual property, branding, business plan, promotion, digital identity, key partners, project resources, and more. They also participated in speed dating and formed six project teams based on international and interdisciplinary presences. The focus of the first workweek was to develop an idea into a concept, pitch it, and network with other project teams. Overall, the project was a valuable learning experience for the students, who gained skills in entrepreneurship and creative collaboration while exploring technology's role in their art.