WP3 - Modules' Development

  • Tasks

The experts team created at the beginning of the project activities, under the coordination of the expert  selected by JAMK and DAK, WP leaders, will coordinate the work. The team will identify the strategy to be adopted to select and to involve in an effective way, the degrees  in which the new Modules will be delivered.

The main action in the first phase, where all the partners are involved, is the development of a strategy to arise interest of students first in the project aims, and then on the foreseen  activities. Interviews, physical and virtual contacts with teachers and students of the partner institutions and presentation of other schools in the world, will be used to explain how the knowledge gaps is a global problem that is highly considered by the society.

The final product will be the collection of opinions, considerations and behaviour of students who are going to be involved in the pilot teaching.

Once a certain degree of confidence between partners staff and students have been created, an international group of students, 6 from each Institution, will be created.  The aim is to create a pilot group of students who will apply the new knowledge by preparing and presenting to possible investors/stakeholders an event conceived and realized through international and multidisciplinary cooperation.

The event will be organized at the end of project.

  • Implementation Timeframe


  • Lead Organization


  • Deliverables/results/outcomes

Organisation of the new courses: course content and pedagogic resources with adapted teaching materials

Creation of international  and multidisciplinary groups of students  for the preparation of a creative event: structure and methods of cooperation