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Accademia di Belle Arti - L'Aquila - ITALY
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Definition of the Institution

The Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila was founded in 1969 and has developed and transformed over the years.

Continuous attention is given to contemporary artistic experimentation and production in order to form artists and professionals in visual arts and planning stages and in teaching art.

The original study courses, Painting, Sculpture, Decoration and Scenography, have been integrated with new subjects (Restoration, Graphics, Graphic Art and Projecting, Photography), whereas the planning of the courses has been set up in two levels (3+2).

The extensive formative offer and the acknowledgement of the equivalent degree title, both at the first level and magisterial one, have been made possible by the 508/99 reform which has qualified the Academy of Fine Arts as the highest grade in the university formation system, in the artistic education field in reference to MIUR. The Academy of L’Aquila is constantly involved in the expansion and development

of the laboratories and in the implementation of the information and technical patrimony in order to guarantee excellent courses for the students.

The highly qualified teaching staff focuses both on the didactic pre-eminence and on the theoretic and practical methods.The cultural policy of the Academy has always

been based on the importance of working with the territory, by searching for a synergy with public, private, local, regional and national institutions.

Our policy contributes to important artistic events and has a prominent role in cultural promotion in the artistic field.

The Academy of L’Aquila has given priority to internationalization and it is one of the leading Academies for the quality and quantity of international exchanges.

The events organized in the Academy and in its theatre (both designed by the architect Paolo Portoghesi) highlight the great human and professional potential which the institute has.

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Website project notice: https://www.abaq.it/notizie/2020/12/musae-multidisciplinary-skills-for-artists-entrepreneurship/