P13 - Toshkent Shahridagi Turin Politexnika Universiteti (TTPU)

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Turin Polytechnic University in Tashkent - UZBEKISTAN


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Definition of the Institution

TTPU is one of the prestigious university in Uzbekistan in Engineering for education and research. The main objective of the university is to train highly qualified specialists for the automotive, mechanical and civil engineering industries.


The role of the partner in the MUSAE project 

TTPU is technical university, however, the introduction of entrepreneurship course into existing engineering programs fully corresponds to the Development strategy of TTPU for 2018-2023. According to the Strategy, it is planned to open a Business Incubator, aimed at disclosing innovative and creative ideas of students, translating them into real business. The opening of such an Incubator foresees the involvement of TTPU departments and centers in the modernization of existing programs with a focus on developing entrepreneurial skills of students, encouraging and supporting new start-up projects, including ones in creative areas - automotive design, architecture, interior and exterior design of buildings, creating human friendly computer interfaces, etc In the light of the above, the development and implementation of the entrepreneurship course is an important stage for achieving the set strategic goals. Thus, cooperation with leading European artistic and technical universities in this direction will make an invaluable contribution to improving the quality of multi-skilled training of students.


Website: https://musae.polito.uz/