P04 - AP University of applied Science and Arts, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

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AP University of applied Science and Arts, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp - BELGIUM

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Definition of the Institution

Artesis Plantijn University of Applied Sciences and Arts Antwerp (AP) is a higher education institution located in Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium. The working language of the university and of most instruction is Dutch. AP has almost 12,000 students, and offers 24 professional bachelor and 8 art programmes, clustered into 4 faculties – Health and Social Care, Management and Communication, Education and Training, Science and Technology – and 2 schools of arts – the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp and the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp. Since 2010 the university is also hosting several programmes of both adult education and vocational education and training. From 2019 onwards AP also offers 16 level 5 programmes. As a University of Applied Sciences and Arts, AP is more than just a higher education institution. AP is a learning city. With enthusiastic teachers, progressive content, direct honest orientation and maximum interaction with expertise, AP ensures that every student can fully develop his or her potential. AP does research and development within a diverse number of study areas. Both the artistic and practice-based research start from a definition of a problem related to the actual artistic or professional practice. There is a strong connection between research and education, since research results and methods are integrated in the curricula. Teachers develop their professional knowledge and research competences by doing research. Additionally, students’ research skills improve by assisting in ongoing research and development projects. AP University of Applied Sciences and Arts has a wide range of activities and expertise in different international funding programmes. In the last few years AP has been involved both as partner or coordinator in a large number of challenging international projects (Erasmus+, Creative Europe, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, AMIF, ERDF/Interreg, Youth in Action, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, ESF, …). Dynamic international partner networks support the development of innovative and interdisciplinary project ideas at AP. In 2019-2020 not less than 29 of AP’s international projects are being implemented in different programmes: European Regional Development Fund/Interreg (9), Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships (7), Erasmus+ Capacity Building (3), Development Cooperation (4), Creative Europe (2), European Social Fund (2), Erasmus Mundus (1), and Rights, Equality and Citizenship (1). The operational management of international projects is done at the faculty level, whereas the financial follow-up is taken care of by the Financial Manager International Projects from the central services of the university.

The role of the partner in the MUSAE project

Regular partner, co-responsible for distribution and processing of questionnaires upon which to set out and co-decide on didactic modules